Our programs

In order to achieve the foundation goals, we operate several ongoing programs. Among our programs -

Academic scholarship fund -

Shaldag Foundation offers academic scholarships for Shaldag Alumni. Each academic year we offer 30-50 full academic scholarships for students who are identified as those who exceptionally served during their mandatory or reserve duty service in Shaldag and who are facing financial challenges.

All of our stipends are obligated to contribute to the community through various social activities that we help out to set.

Since every combat soldier in Shaldag serves an additional year on top of the mandatory three, they start their civilian life with a one year delay. Shaldag Foundation wishes to help its members in their first significant step of their civilian life graduating their academic degree.

Mentoring -

Our alumni are individuals with demonstrated potential for becoming leaders within the Israeli Community.

The foundation involvment begins by a two day seminar given to our Alumni before their release from duty. We prepare them towards the expected shift in their lives - from being the best soldiers to being the best civilians. The sessions includes various topics including: rights and duties of IDF veterans, choosing education course, awareness to social activities and many others.

By our Mentoring programs, we offer Shaldag Graduates from the ages of 25 to 35 a process of one on one sessions with outstanding mentors from various walks of life. Our mentors body has an outstanding professional and communal experience and a willingness to volunteer to educate and guide the younger generation. In 2014 we offer this exclusive program to 19 mentorees. In 2015 we plan to expand it to over 20 couples.

The 10 months mentorship program is guided by a management team of the Shaldag Foundation, aims to help our young alumni and develop their decision making process, while alleviating the challenges in the transition their military service their civilian future.

A key component of the program is three full days in which the program participants contribute and engage in a community project.

Heriatge and Commemoration -

Shaldag unit was established over 39 years ago. We work constantly to learn from our past mostly towards creating a better future. Lately, we focus our energy on performing a comprehensive research about the unit special operations and activities along the years. A small part of the uncovered operations will be presented according to publications approvals.

We constantly support the families who lost their beloved ones during the years while serving in the unit. We work individually with each family to commemorate their fallen soldier in the best way that will tell his or her personal story.

On a yearly basis, we host a commemoration event together with Shaldag unit where we invite all families to a navigation run together with the unit soldiers.

Networking -

One of the Foundation objectives is to create an active personal and professional network of Shaldag graduates. We offer our alumni educational workshops, assistance with job placement, facilitation of business opportunities and more.

To achieve that, The Shaldag Foundation recruited many of the Alumni who achieved exceptional success in various fields and areas of interest. They perform as our natural partners in sharing the knowledge and experience to a new generation of leaders.

We train our graduates twice a year on their networking skills and offer them lectures by the best networking professionals in Israel and around the world.


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